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The most comprehensive list of phobia names on the Web. I have been working on this list for several years. It started as a lark one day and grew from there. I finally decided to nab the domain for it. Check it out and see if you can find your friends or even yourself on the list. There's nothing here to be scared of.

-The Phobia List-

: Genealogy :

If you are confused about relationships between cousins, check out my Cousins Page.


Genealogy takes up much of my time on the Net. I started a few years ago with Culbertsons in South Carolina and have now added research on Martin, Godfrey, Miller, Brownlee, Hughes, Pyles, and Knight. Take a look at my Genealogy page. There, you will find my gedcom containing about 1700 names, a list of the people I'm looking for, and perhaps a name or two that helps you.

-Culbertson Genealogy Page-


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