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Coalition of Unicorporated Sonoma County


Sonoma County barn, watercolor, by Tom Giansante


The unincorporated areas of Sonoma County are frequently regarded as an exploitable resource by both expansive municipalities and even by County government --- an organ that ostensibly is supposed to protect the unicorporated areas. The Coalition of Unincorporated Sonoma County (CUSC) formed to create a representative and collective voice for people who live in Sonoma County but who do not live in an incorporated municipality.

Meetings are public and everyone is welcome; details regarding the time and place are in the sidebar.

During the last meeting, on June 2nd, attendees expressed their particular concerns. Not surprisingly, water topped everyone's list of important issues. Growth, traffic, housing and many other ills also figured promeinently. Certain members will present reports on water, traffic and other topics at the next meeting.

The meeting was taped. If you are interested in purchasing a VHS tape or a DVD, contact us here.




Watershed management
Russian River
Green Valley Creek

Growth Management

Limited and planned development
Traffic and traffic management issues
Affordable Housing
Urban Growth Boundaries
Smart Growth development

Environmental Preservation

Resource management

Aggregate Management

River mining
Quarry expansions

Political Issues

Coordination between City and County
Elected officials responsiveness to citizen input

Citizen Input

Effective Communication
Citizen Education on processes and issues
Motivating and empowering citizen involvement
Establishing influence

Benefits of the Coalition

Networking/ Shared resources
United front/ greater influence


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Upcoming meetings:

July 22 at 7:00PM

Netease, 1220 North Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa


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Aggregate mapping

Russian River aggregate mining

Czech tax for aggregates

Sonoma County General Plan Update 2020 Water Resource Element DRAFT

O.W.L. Foundation suggestions for WRE (not included in current draft version)

Some interesting DWR documents (Caution, some of these files are large)

Adjudicated Groundwater Basins

Water Wells and What You Should Know About Them (4.6MB)

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