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The Grand Jury Report on water

The 2004 Grand Jury Report includes a call for a groundwater mangement plan and the separation of powers.

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The Water Resources Element (WRE) in draft form. This version is going to the Planning Commission for approval in June or July. It is a weak document that endangrs the County's water resources.

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Watering Down Water Policy

People are wondering if the Water Resource Element for GP2020 will have any teeth at all. Sonoma County's water policy could be diluted beyond recognition.

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posted May 3

Uprooting Agriculture

The new General Plan has provisions designed to wreck the farming economy and force agriculture to sell land to developers. One plan confiscates 90,000 acres of farmland, another slices up small pieces of farmland and a third stops all water from Lake Sonoma for irrigation.

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posted June 16

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Sonoma County Water Coalition

The SCWC has crafted a Position Paper regarding specific wording in the WRE. This is what should be included in the County's General Plan.Has your group joined yet?

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Smith and Kelly rush the CAC

Supervisors Tim Smith and Paul Kelly wagged their fingers at the CAC warning them to get a move on and not to look at any more bad news about water resources, like the Kleinfelder report. Oh, and by the way, they don't make policy, the Board takes care of all that.

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posted May 19, '03

Draft Water Resources Element (WRE) approved

O.W.L. Foundation volunteers and attorneys helped guide the direction of WRE. The citizens speak!

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posted June 26th, '03


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