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Graph and Corruption


The graph below is from Rohnert Park's Environmental Impact Report. It compares the amount of water that the City pumps out of the ground with the amount of water that goes back into the ground through natrual recharge from rain.


This is what cities, housing developments and urban sprawl in general are doing to our precious water supplies.





This graph shows that the City of Rohnert Park has been overdrafting the groundwater basin since 1975. How do we know this? Because the City's own groundwater study demonstrates it.

Click image for larger view




Simple test!

See if you can spot the problem!


Pump the Water Out

Since 1984 Rohnert Park has been pumping an average 4.3 million gallons of groundwater per day.

Not Enough Goes Back In

Average recharge
is only 1.6 million gallons per day.


Did you get it? Hey! Good for you! The City of Rohnert Park missed it!

They are still pumping water out of the ground faster than winter rains can recharge it.

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