WSV - SC Paderborn 1:2 (0:0)

Ogrinc - Backhaus - Wüster, Menzel - Steup, Glavas (77. Siegloff), Lehnhart, Kaul, Broos (67. Heinzmann) - Meinke, Raduta (90. Raducanu)
Coach: Gores

Joswig - Mrugalla - Bräuer (46. Buitys), Kutowski - Velkov, Vogt, Karpowicz, John, Guscinas (85. Hustadt) - Enge, Maß (60. Gerov)
Coach: Rybarczyk

Scoring: 1:0 Meinke (48.), 1:1 Vogt (88.), 1:2 (90.) Enge

Attendance: 1.300
Yellow cards: Wüster, Broos - Mrugalla, Vogt, Karpowicz

WSV MOTM:Gabi Raduta


Two last minute goals lead to disgraceful loss

Paderborn can really thank WSV incompetance for the win. That, combined with the outstanding form of goalkeeper Joswig, saved all three points for the guests.

WSV dominated the game from the start. Raduta hammered a free kick in the 4th minute that brought a great save from Joswig, as he clawed the ball out of the top corner. 10 minutes later Broos had a close shot, and Meinke missed two headers that probably should have been put away. Overall, the 1st half was a ho-hum match, with Paderborn rarely venturing outside their side.

Finally, at the start of the 2nd half, WSV broke through. Gabi Raduta who had an impressive game, fought off the defenders for the ball, and put in a picture perfect cross onto the head of Gerrit Meinke, who finally beat Joswig. Only 4 minutes later, Vlatko Glavas had a huge chance to settle the issue, but he was stopped by Joswig from only 5 meters. Paderborn opened up somewhat, and Guscinas had a couple of chances, but they came to nothing. Instead, WSV had a couple of huge chances. After 69. minutes, Siegloff was in 1-on-1 against Joswig, but was disgracefully off target. 5 minutes later, it was deja-vu, as again he failed to put the game away. As so often happens, WSV was to pay dearly for this crap. Vogt blasted a shot from 22 meters in the 88th minute, leaving Ogrinc no chance. Then in injury time, Enge headed home the winner, and WSV, incredibly, had lost again.

After the match, coach Rudi Gores was furious. "Hopefully next year we'll have players on the field that know how to win games like this". Whether he's around next season or not is an open question. Paderborn's coach Rybarcyzk proved he was clueless, as he stated he felt his team deserved to win. Paderborn's win was highway robbery.

Standings after Round 26