Wuppertaler Sport Verein - General info

Founded July 8, 1954, via a merger of SSV Wuppertal and TSG Vohwinkel 80
Address Hubertusallee 4, 42117 Wuppertal
Phone: (0202) 74 12 85
Email: info@WuppertalerSV.de
Internet: www.wuppertalersv.de
Colors Red/Blue vertical stripes, blue pants. Road uniform varies, sometimes yellow shirt. In 2000, they also occasionally played in white.
Nicknames Löwen (lions)
Stadium Zoo-Stadion, Capacity: some 28,000.
It is basically a decripit facility, that has the goofy bicycle track around the field. Wooden benches, could give you a case of Bankholzsplinterimarschverletzung. There have been some additions, such as an electronic scoreboard.
Tickets For the Regionalliga 03/04: Quite reasonable. Anywhere from 5 euros to 15 euros. Walkup to ticket booth on game day. No need to scramble, as usually only about 2,000 loyal fans show up. Big games up to 9,000 fans "jam" the Zoo. In the good old days, it would overflow capacity, maybe 35,000. Now Wuppertal is disgracefully one of Germany's largest cities without full professional soccer.
Supporters There is a dedicated core of supporters, but the city is not really supporting the club. Amongs the biggest fan clubs are the Schwebende Jonges, WSV-Szene-Westerwald, Die Wuppys, Ultras-Wuppertal.
Friends Many WSV fans are also supporters of Schalke, which is not much of a conflict of interest these days, as they will obviously never play each other the way WSV is going. There is also a relationship with Hertha BSC Berlin that goes back to the 2.Liga days. St.Pauli and VFB Leipzig have also been mentioned in a positive light. As far as rivals are concerned, Alemannia Aachen has generally drawn big interest and some good matches.
Foes RW Essen, RW Oberhausen are pretty much despised. Bochum and Düsseldorf, although there hasn't been much rivalry with them for a while.
Beer Wicküler Pils. It was defunct for a while, but now back, albeit brewed in Köln, but headquarters in Wuppertal. Somehow that is very fitting. Dortmunder brews, especially Kronen and Union also popular. I know a few that like Küppers Kölsch, but they were ex-Kölners. Schwelm-Pils has also been mentioned.
Pub and Grub The stadium has the Gastätte am Zoo, which overlooks the stadium. The Bratwürste are supposedly good. New management has been brought in.
Club Directorship:

	President: 	 Friedhelm Runge
	2nd chair:	 
	GM:		 Thomas Richter
	Treasurer:	 Peter Frasczak
	Press spokesman: Ralf Pfeffer
	Marketing:	 Christian Schindler
	Internet:	 Michael Hagemann


	Gothaer Versicherung 
	Fila (uniforms)
	UP Meier 
	EMKA (jersey sponsor)
	Bergischer Wirtschaftskreis
	Klaus Datentechnik
	avs Media Network

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