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The Society became a nonprofit organization with a board of directors that includes Tim Danesi as president, Linda Holm as vice president, Karen Forni as secretary, and Marion Ackerman as treasurer. Since forming in 1999, we have found a place for storage of archives, collected over one hundred items and over one thousand, two hundred photographs and negatives relating to the Rohnert Park area. In addition, we have taken field trips to Sonoma State University and the Sonoma County Museum, published four newsletters (The Historian) in the past year, created an organization with thirty-five paid members, preserved oral histories of two long-time members of Rohnert Park, and created a space in the Archive Center for the Northwest Pacific Railroad Historical Society, where they store part of their collection and do research.
How You Can Help:
Join the Historical Society for $15 dollars a year, volunteer to help with any our projects, join us as a board member or attend any of our meetings on the first Thursday of the month, (5880 Labath Ave) donate items that have or will have historical value, help us get donations and write grant proposals, give or gather from others oral histories, and/or encourage others to help. Future generations will greatly appreciate your efforts now. Call for more information or to give your input at:
(707) 584-5477

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