1980 Volvo 242GT to:

1980 Volvo 242GT+TiMSnSWB

Step 1 - Install MegaSquirt N Spark

Step 2 - Install Intercooler, Oil Cooler, Teardown for Turbo, and Oil Feed/Return lines

Step 3 - Install Oil Feed/Return, Turbo, Exhaust, Etc.

Step 4 - Rebuild Engine and Find New Turbo

Step 5 - Install Replacement Engine and 15G Turbo

Installing the intercooler was easy, just needed the brackets from a Turbo 740. The oil cooler was pretty easy too, had to cut a corner off the battery tray. Cold-side intercooler pipe? Piece of cake, just had to get a 1.5" smaller power steering belt to keep the PS pump off the IC pipe. Old exhaust and manifold came off without a hitch! ...now things get interesting.

For the oil return, I could either drill the block, or drill the pan. If I drilled the pan, I could either weld the fitting in or JB Weld it. Since JB weld has been failing people, and since I have a welder, time to pull the pan out. That means I gots-ta remove the crossmember and control arms.

Step one, support the engine. I'd forgotten how heavy the engine hoist is.

Once all that crap is off, pull the pan. Easy. You can see the oil cooler lines in the foreground.

You can also see how horribly gunky everything is...

I may as well box the control arms while they're off, and replace the bushings

This happened while playing with Megasquirt's wiring, I parked on the soldering iron