1980 Volvo 242GT to:

1980 Volvo 242GT+TiMSnSWB

Step 1 - Install MegaSquirt N Spark

Step 2 - Install Intercooler, Oil Cooler, Teardown for Turbo, and Oil Feed/Return lines

Step 3 - Install Oil Feed/Return, Turbo, Exhaust, Etc.

Step 4 - Rebuild Engine and Find New Turbo

Step 5 - Install Replacement Engine and 15G Turbo

update Feb 2005 - Upon inspection by the machinist, this engine wound up needing an overbore and new pistons... after considering the cost of the parts and the machine work, I decided to get a complete low mileage late model engine instead. Sourced a 92 B230FT with around 80K from a recycler in Redding. Currently in the process of adding new seals and installing. Stand by for 15g power! :-)

I neglected to check oil pressure and shim the spring before running the 200,000 mile +T. The first big beating I gave it with a sumpful of fresh 10-30 is the likely cause of my terminal low oil pressure. As of this writing, the car has been deturboed but otherwise runs really well. ...well, except for that pesky low oil pressure light.

Plans to offload the "plus-tee, minus-tee" to a family member and find a replacement car fell apart, but I was lucky enough to get a free B21F from Justin and Steve O on Turbobricks. Thanks brothas!

Having spent too much time and money on my Datsun rebuild, this time I'm going to try to be as cheap and fast as possible. Really, I was very happy with the performance of my B21F+T, so I'm hoping to just put this new engine back to near-stock levels, add boost, and go.