2001 Kinetic Adventure

Arcata to Ferdale

    The Bikin' Fools arrived this year with TWO vehicles, both constructed at the 11th hour for the event. Mike and Teresa rode the engineering marvel, the Space Oddity while Linz, Shawn and Eric rode the Monolith trike.

Kinetic I (73545 bytes)

"Hey, that's not the way to the slippery slough"


Kinetic II (49829 bytes)

The Monolith riding into the history books

It wasn't until the third day that Eric and Linz (both on back) discovered that they were on the same sculpture!!!

(Monolith was also the first team to receive an award)*


Kinetic III (76012 bytes)

Monolith after a successful ocean crossing

Kinetic V (78355 bytes)

Taco'd wheel at the Slippery Slough



hampster-mode.jpg (79218 bytes)

Hampster Mode



Kinetic IV (37881 bytes)

Space Oddity in her element





what-are-those-pink-things.jpg (56732 bytes)

Tense moment at the first water exit

(It worked!!)



oddity-finish.jpg (67088 bytes)

Oddity arriving in Ferndale




Mud Bowl blowout.. Slippery Slough claims Lindsey's wheel and leads the Fools to use: Hampster Mode  (see below)










*Award: The Worst Runner Up