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A Gift from the B-day Girl


The e-mail read: "Hey Everyone - Saturday is my B'day, and what do you think I want to do? Ride my bike. This year I plan to keep it legit, so I'm thinking of the Gnarly Gnoodle. which is a ride that Noodles around the Giacommini Open Space in Forest Knolls. It starts at the Forest Knolls Post Office. The ride is technical, as it starts on Arch Madrone and ends up on the Paranickel (otherwise known as Hunter's Camp), both fun trails. The ride takes about 4 hours at a very Lisaly pace."


Celebrators: Lisa, Paul, Nix, Heide, Cowboy (Steve) Eric (fuzzy) Martin, Abbie, David, Nick, Tim, Eric (A.D.)

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The b-day girl enjoys celebrity status

Eleven bikin' enthusiasts showed up to join with Lisa for the excellent day on the trails. Cowboy, enjoying the fruits of his grand entrepreneurship showed up in his new ride. The old jeep joins Nellie Belle as a relic of the past. Look for Fuzzy Duds™ everywhere.

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The pack heads into the hills

The weather was warm with no fog. The ride started uphill and seemed to climb forever. However once in the woods, the climate became pleasant. The trail starts with some technical challenges, good for getting the heart rate going into high gear.

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One cruisin' Cowboy

Eleven people started from the post office, Eric (fuzzy) started somewhere else with the plan of meeting the gaggle on the trail. Miraculously it worked. After climbing a challenging section of trail with many switchbacks the main wad stopped for the first break and to wait for Eric.

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Everyone's having fun, so far

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Eric and Nix toast the Captain

Now with the contingent intact, the ride continued in earnest. More climbing in the woods, through the Redwoods made for pleasant sailing. The trail was mostly pleasant with an occasional technical section thrown in.

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Nix and Heide climbing like homesick angels

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Martin wisely does not attempt to ride the Gulch of Death

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Single trackin' at its best

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Single trackin' at its steepest

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Who is in a hurry?

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The secret manzanita tunnel to the lunch spot

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The hungry crew chows down

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Somehow the cake made it intact

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Tim, though late in the ride, not dead yet

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Paul, hard core on a hard tail

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Hunter's Camp marks the beginning of the downhill to the finish

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Abbie lookin pro

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Crew no longer fresh

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Nick cleans the technical bridge with ease

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No problem for David

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Group contemplates the last, optional single track

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Electrolyte replacement therapy ends the happy day