The Sandusky Bridge Spans the Imagination

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Forest City interlude

The smoke from hundreds of fires had the California sky saturated. It was a perfect time to escape to the mountains for a breath of clear, cool air. At 4800 feet, Forest City was above the funky atmosphere. Lisa put out the call for trail builders and anyone looking for some fun work and groovy riding. Two others from the Bay Area showed up, Joy and Eric. Dan, Brad and Zack formed the rest of the trail crew for the day.

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For more than 100 years, the cabin has hosted many interesting times


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Eastern ramp to the Sandusky span


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Pippin keeps tabs on the workers


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Dan, Zack and Brad doing the grunt work


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Western ramp taking shape


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Zack feeds the mixer


Forest City 7-08 036.jpg (1013925 bytes)

Joy diligently fills the bucket with small stones


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Labor of love (of bikin') for Lisa


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Bridge takes shape


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The engineer gazes at the creation


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Lisa braves the frigid plunge


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Cabin works well as a bike rack


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Ryan, Joy and Lisa headin' out for fun


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Zack shreds the river crossing


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The Sprites of Plum Creek