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Post Kinetic Syndrome


The blue moon was just that for the bikin’ fools. It occurred just days after the finish of the three day thrashing known as the Kinetic Sculpture Race. The long weekend left the hapless bikers wasted, tired and lacking the energy to go big.

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Linz heads up the Oat

Several plans were laid forth. With brain cells struggling for an answer to the not-so-hard question, the default plan emerged. Eric had the dog, which limited certain options. Only Dr. J., Linz and Jim K. and Eric were the volunteers to continue the decade and a half string of unbroken full moon events.

The ride chosen was the Oat Hill Mine Road. No destination was offered. The four simply decided to ride until they felt a sufficient glow to call it a moonride. The effort began as the sun approached the horizon. The four, plus Miss Swift made steady passage up the familiar route. As the sun set, the moon rose majestically above the Maacama Mountains. The group proceeded to the Wedding Meadow about two miles from town.

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Good enough!

At this point the riders took a break that lasted an hour. It was far enough into the boonies to meet the requirements of a moonride event. The lights of the quaint village of Calistoga twinkled below as the riders relaxed in the beauty of the ‘blue moon’. It was warm, clear and pleasant as the four munched on a minimal offering of food. The usual feast would not occur.

The moon was magnificent. It filled the senses and allowed a brief escape from the grinding normality of the crazy world that fills most lives, most of the time. It was a short respite to remind the fools of a world that exists beyond the rational, reasoning mind. It was short, but sweet. It fulfilled the need to spend time in an alternate reality, where nature and La Luna conspire to guide the soul to the Garden of Serenity.

With hearts rejuvenated, and souls fulfilled, the riders returned to the trail for an uneventful descent back to the nutty world that some call reality.

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Although a short ride, Linz suffered moon burned legs