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Fuzzy Duds rock the Solstice

Solstice 07

The original plan for the ride began to morph as the day and time approached. Originally a plan was suggested to ride to the top of Mt. St. Helena late in the afternoon, watch the last sunset of this earth's annual trip around the sun and watch the moon rise in its highest orbit of the year. This plan required a departure time of 3:00. As the event neared, several takers indicated they would be unable to make the early start. Plan B was activated and ten riders showed up at the shop at 5:00 to share a fun, simple bikin' event to the top of Mt. St. Helena.

Eric (Fuzzy), Lorna, Barry and Russell made the trek from Marin. At least for this ride, they would be back home before daylight. Michel made his second moon event in a row. Dr. J., Linz,  Shawn, Tone and Eric (A.D.)

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A Fuzzy Reunion

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Michel's new Fuzzy Duds™: "Hotter than fire!"

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Lots of munchies, hot buttered rum, warm tea and no shortage of anti-freeze

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She's so cool, they named a cookie for her

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Group enjoys special performance enhancing beverages

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4000 feet above Santa Rosa

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Tone feeds the blaze

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Michel's kinetic fire art

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Barry descends the frozen road

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Mike dressed for an easy transition to skiing

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The Christmas rush catching up with Tone

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Van stuffing101; 9 bikes and 9 bodies


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Thanks for a great year