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Traveling to Oregon in the winter almost garauntees rain, cold and mud. When that is all you have, you have to deal with it. For the Californians it was a shift of attitude. Mud is only a rare concept for the desert dwellers. In Oregon it is a way of life from Novermber to April.

Wade and Sebastion called for a double lap of Fire Road Five. This delightful, though brief trail offers a scintillating drop through the woods not far from P-town. The climb is on a fire road which is easy and free from technical challenges.

The group convened near downtown Portland. After loading into Seb's car the group headed to the hills. The rain was light and the temperature was chilly but not cold. After the usual preparations and clothing adjustments, the group headed down the trail. The first of several safety briefings occured at the top of the first drop.

Seb "cleans" the start of the ride


It was at this point that the Californians realized that things were to be different. Turning the handlebar didn't necessarily produce the results that were here-to-for expected. The ground was no longer firm. The bike moved by a process of rolling and sliding. It was similar to riding in snow. The first and most notable effect of riding in the slop was that the mud was projected pretty much straight into one's face. Seasoned riders of the area use goggles.

Still squeaky clean



Runner dude toughs it out in the rain





Seb drafts Eric uphill



"WTF, boss"



Slip/sliding around the corner


Seb knows the drill




Wade flat tracks the corner




This should hold it



Maybe another bungee would be good



Inevitable finish to the ride




The only reason we reason we ride bikes