John Sturgeon Dawson

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Dawson Family Genealogy

The purpose of this website is to share research regarding one branch of the Dawson family that emigrated into southwestern Pennsylvania in the latter part of the 1700s.

Currently, the family has been traced back to my fourth great grandmother, Sarah Dawson, who appears in the 1800 Federal Census for Fayette county, PA (south east of Pittsburgh) in Georges township with two sons under ten years of age.

The portrait shown on this page is Sarah's grandson, John Sturgeon Dawson (1829-1908) — my great, great grandfather — who lived his entire life in the Uniontown area of Fayette county.

Most of the documents published on this website are from the research of my cousin, Al Addis, who has graciously shared with me. All documents are either scans or transcriptions of originals. Sources are noted.