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Knutson Luthiery

John Knutson established Knutson Luthiery in 1981. He first began building instruments during his senior year at San Francisco State University in 1978. Using books, intuition, and trial and error, he built his first Songbird archtop mandolin and dulcimer as a project for a wood technology class, and he has been a full-time luthier and repairman ever since. As a custom builder of acoustic, electric, and archtop guitars, as well as basses and mandolins, he has produced hundreds of instruments, including custom double- and triple-neck combinations. Along the way,

Knutson has honed his production and research and development skills by subcontracting out of his Forestville California shop for three larger companies. He also does custom inlay work and is currently building the Messenger upright electric bass along with the occassional custom guitar or Songbird archtop mandolin. Knutson has built instruments for Rob Wasserman, Mario Cippolina, David Lindley, Mike Marshall, and Lief Sorbye. John Knutson in his shop

John Knutson / Knutson Luthiery
P.O. Box 945
Forestville, CA 95436 U.S.A.
(707) 887-2709