70cm Multimode Beacon for KH6HME

On Location 70cm Antenna Horizon stations spotting it

(Above) Fred, KH6IJ, and Stan, AH6KO at the KH6HME site.

Initial Schedule

Decoding the Beacon's Digital Modes

For those wishing to try to hear and decode the beacon's digital modes, Get and install WSJT-X on your computer and then use a sound card, SignaLink or similar to get the audio into your computer. Set your computer clock to within one second of correct time. Point a horizontally polarized antenna toward Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Let your radio get warm and as stable as possible, then set tuning as precisely to 432.300000 USB as possible. Compare with known accurate 432 signals or frequency standard and get within 10 Hz if you can. The radio dial may not actually read 432.300000 for this setting. Without retuning the dial, use these WSJT-X settings to copy WSPR, JT9 and JT65A digital modes. You'll have to select between WSPR and JT9/JT65A modes depending upon which part of the 10 minute sequence you are decoding and what is being transmitted.

Watch WSPRnet Map and WSPRnet Database with 70cm selected to see what others are spotting. Use the Hepburn maps with Eastern North Pacific region selected to get an idea when good conditions may occur.

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More beacon information and VHF/UHF and higher WSPR information is available on the 2m+ WSPR Group
KH6HME 70cm WSPR Beacon Documentation
  1. Overview
  2. Operation
  3. Programming (page 2 has schedule, WSPR is 432.301530, JT9/JT65A 432.301600, CW 432.310000
KH6HME as copied at W6IT March 16, 2017 (UTC):

Development beacon beacon front beacon back wide spectrum 100 MHz spectrum Output Filter Filter Response Filter Response Inside of Beacon