N6GN's Microwave Link Page

This page contains information about the Multi-Megabit/sec Microwave Data Link article which was first published in the December 1989 Ham Radio Magazine and later in the ARRL Handbook. It is now also published in the ARRL book, Packet: Speed, More Speed and Applications.

As I have not worked on this project for over 10 years, and some of the components are getting pretty dated, you may find a more recent article interesting. It is An Experimental Microwave Data Link for 10-Megabit Ethernet by John Miles KE5FX.

Here is a picture of the Antenna, Feed and RF assembly.

The information here is not intended as a replacement for those publications but only as a source of a few additional details.

The following may also be of interest:

M1CFL uWave DataLink An implementation similar to the original design, using a PC serial port at 115 kbps

Date: Tue, 10 Aug 93 16:30:44 CDT
From: bob@lachman.com (Bob Van Valzah)
Subject: 2 MBPS 10 GHz Link Boards Available

Receiver boards are now (at last!) available for the n6gn desinged,
2 MBPS, 10 GHz microwave link as described in the ARRL Handbook and
other places.  You'll still need to make the 1st IF board yourself,
but trust me, that's easy.  I didn't believe Glenn at first, just
follow the procedure in the article and it works!

The receiver board is 4-3/4 x 5-3/4", double sided, and drilled, *but
not plated through* (hence you'll have to solder top and bottom leads
in some cases).  This shouldn't be a big problem because there are no
signal traces on the component side--it's all ground plane.

Folks who helped make these boards available (though they may not all
want to admit it :-) are Glenn Elmore n6gn (of course), John Conner
wd0fhg, Ron Atkinson n8fow, Fred Reimers kf9gx, Bdale Garbee n3eua,
and Jon Bloom ke3z.

They're available from:

        Fred A. Reimers kf9gx
        FAR Circuits
        18N640 Field Ct.
        Dundee, IL  60118-9269

for $15.  Fred just shipped 8 to me for $5 postage, but I'm not sure
what the rate would be for smaller quantities.

73, Bob, ke9yq