Star Raiders

Star Raiders Tribute Page!

By Bill Kendrick, 1996-2021

(Star Raiders was ©1979, Atari Inc.)

A state of war exists between the Atarian Federation and the Zylon Empire.

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The Complete Manual

An HTML version of the original printed manual.

"The Star Raiders Academy," an ANTIC magazine article

Strategies contributed by Chuck Cartia

"Advanced Star Raiders Tactics and Strategies," a Byte magazine article

Star Raiders in Popular Culture

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV show, 2017)

Pre-Production Manual

Found in a lot purchased by Daniel C. Avina in July 2021, and originally bought at an estate sale, it's the Star Raiders manual from early November 1979, with editing mark-up!


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Star Raiders source code!

Star Raiders II - Official (1985 Last Starfighter re-branding)

(Also available for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64, published under license by Electric Dreams Software in 1987.)

Star Raiders II - Unreleased (True Sequel)

"After hours, I was writing code for high-speed 3D ship and planet scaling and rotations and I was offered the opportunity to write the sequel to Star Raiders. Unfortunately before I was finished, the team developing the game for The Last Starfighter re-branded theirs as SRII." — Aric Wilmunder

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By Bill Kendrick, 1996-2021