contributed by Chuck Cartia
August 2006

I pretty much agree with the strategies outlined in the Antic article but I thought they missed a couple of things. Then I realized that I've been playing the 5200 version. Originally, many years ago I had both versions, 5200 and 800 computer.

The compter version was MUCH harder to win, so probably these pointers (or "cheats") won't apply to computer version. I couldn't get a computer version to work with the emulator, so I'm working from 20+ year old memories. The instructions for the 5200 vr. were more detailed. In the computer game, you have to manually switch back to Foward View when making a Hyperspace Jump. On the 5200 this was automatic.

Again, this may only apply to the 5200 version:

Never waste energy by using the engines. You can always get the Zylons to come to you by going to the Sector Scan and causing the Zylon blip to cross the horizontal or vertical axis. As soon as you do this, they will see you and quickly come directly to you.

You can kill a Zylon Fighter or Cruiser in the Sector Scan at any range. Line up the enemy on the vertical axis. Fire your Photons as you spin on the horizontal axis. In other words, move the joystick up or down. If a Photon Torpedo crosses over the enemy blip, the enemy will be destroyed.

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