The Star Raiders Manual

II. Using the Joystick Controller

Use one of your Joystick Controllers with this Game Cartridge. Be sure to plug the controller cable firmly into the number 1 jack on the front of your ATARI 400 or ATARI 800 console. Hold the controller with the red button to your upper left toward the television screen.

Control Stick Operation

In keeping with official fleet jaron the Joystick will henceforth be referred to as the "Control Stick." As shown in the diagram, pushing the Control Stick forward causes your starship to dive. Pull the stick back and your ship climbs. Push the Control Stick left and your ship turns to port, or to the left side of the ship facing forward. Push the stick to the right to steer your ship to the starboard, or right side of the ship facing forward.


[front-view-stick.gif [front-view-diagram.gif


[aft-view-stick.gif [aft-view-diagram.gif

These directions apply to the front view of space, which means you are looking out the front of your spacecraft. When the aft (or rear) view of space is on the screen, pushing the Control Stick right and left has the opposite effect. Since you are looking backward when the aft view is on the screen, moving the Control Stick to the right causes the back of the ship to turn to the left. Moving the Control Stick to the left then, causes the back of the ship to turn to the right.

You will learn how to bring up the front and aft views on the screen in Section IV.

Press the red controller button - the fire button - to fire your photon torpedoes.

Using the Control Stick to steer your starship effectively and accurately will take practice. Don't be discourage if at first this process seems awkward. Your steering ability will sharpen with time.

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