The Star Raiders Manual

III. To Begin Play

Console Controls

Make sure the POWER ON/OFF switch is ON, the Control Stick cable is firmly plugged in, and the cartridge is firmly inserted into the console slot.

Press the SELECT button on the console to choose the mission difficulty level you wish to play. Each time you press SELECT the display will show the mission level at the top of the screen. The NOVICE, PILOT, WARRIOR and COMMANDER missions are explained fully in section VIII. Skill Level Descriptions.

After choosing a difficulty level, press START to begin your mission. The SYSTEM RESET button will abort a mission and return STAR RAIDERS to the NOVICE mission level. The Atari [/|\] key on the keyboard will also abort a mission, after which a rating will be displayed based on your score thus far.

(The OPTION button has no effect in STAR RAIDERS.)

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