The Star Raiders Manual

IX. Survival Tactics

Here are some helpful tactics that you may employ during a mission which will increase your chances for survival, as well as help you gain a higher rating. After you become an experienced STAR RAIDER you may discover some of your own.

Whenever your shields are destroyed, the next enemy photon hit your starship takes will destroy you. One way to avoid being destroyed in such a manner is to immediately hyperwarp out of the sector by hitting the H key. This can be done without checking the Galactic Chart. After you have safely hyperwarped away from the sector in which you were under attack, check the Galactic Chart to locate a starbase where you can stop for repairs (new shields).

In the situation just described, it is possible to take the tactic even one step further. Your shields are destroyed during an enemy attack. You know from memory that a starbase is located in a sector directly adjacent to your starship. Hit the H key (without checking the Galactic Chart), and move the target marker to the edge of whichever cross hair points in the direction of the starbase sector.

For example, if the starbase is located in the sector to the right, move the target marker to the edge of the right cross hair, as shown in the diagram.

If your steering is accurate (NOVICE mission level excluded), you will successfully hyperwarp to the starbase sector. In doing so without checking the Galactic Chart, you will have saved time, energy, and possibly the mission.

In a situation where your energy supply may run out before you establish orbit with a starbase, hit the S key to deactivate your shields temporarily (after you are out of enemy range). This will save you two units of energy per second while docking at the starbase. Then, with a new supply of energy you can put your shields up again and continue the mission.

If a starbase is surrounded and it appears you cannot save it, it is better to destroy the starbase than allow it to fall into enemy hands (see Section VII. Rating). Additionally, two more Zylon starships will be created out of the debris, if you allow the enemy to destroy the starbase.

If your computer is destroyed, the cross hairs will disappear from the front view display. When this occurs it becomes extremely difficult to make hyperjumps. When you press H to hyperwarp remember the initial position of the hyperwarp target and try to keep it steady around that point on the screen.

When your Sub-Space Radio is destroyed early in a mission it is best to dock immediately. Otherwise, you may find that several starbases have been destroyed without your knowledge.

When your engines are destroyed, your speed will be very slow. You can however, use the hyperwarp engines to move within a sector. Abort the hyperjump when you are close to the target.

NOTE: It takes 100 units of energy to abort a jump.

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