The Star Raiders Manual

VI. Starbase Docking

When anything needs to be repaired on your starship, or when your energy supply is low, it is necessary to dock with a starbase.

After hyperwarping to a sector with a starbase, center the target marker in the Attack Computer Display. Check the range (R) showing on the Control Panel Display to determine the distance between you and the starbase. Make sure that R is + (i.e. in front of you). Also, the coordinates (-) and (|) should be close to zero (i.e. less than +/- 3). Use the Twin-Ion engines to approach the starbase.

You may want to use the Long-Range Sector Scan (L) to locate the starbase, especially if your computer has been destroyed. If so, follow the procedure described under Long-Range Sector Scan (Section IV.). The starbase will appear as -*- on the sector scan display.

Docking is established when the starbase is in the center of the cross hairs at a minimum distance from your ship. When three small windows appear on both edges of the starbase, and it is centered between the cross hairs, reduce your speed to 0. The message, "ORBIT ESTABLISHED" will appear on the screen, followed by the message, "STANDBY." When the message, "TRANSFER COMPLETED," appears, docking is complete and it is safe to hyperwarp to another sector.

NOTE: If you hit a button or key (other than G), or move the Control Stick before docking is complete, the operation will be interrupted and the message "DOCKING ABORTED" will appear on the screen. Retrace the previous steps to complete docking.

Approach the starbase at a reduced speed (1, 2, or 3) for best results in docking.


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