The Star Raiders Manual

VIII. Skill Level Descriptions

Simplified NOVICE Instructions

  1. If necessary, use the SELECT button to bring up the NOVICE mission on the screen.

  2. Press START.

  3. Press S and C on the keyboard (shields up and Computer Attack Display on).

  4. Press key G to display the Galactic Chart.
    Using the Control Stick, move the hyperwarp destination dot to an enemy sector.

  5. Press key F (front view), then engage hyperwarp by pressing key H. Your starship will hyperwarp automatically to the desired sector.

  6. To find enemy targets in a sector:

    • Center the target marker in the middle of the Attack Computer Display.

    • Note that (-) = +0, and (|) = +0, and R = a low + number when the enemy targets appear on the screen.

  7. Using your photon torpedoes, destroy all enemy targets in the sector.

  8. Move to another enemy sector and repeat the same procedure. It is to your advantage to go after enemy targets that are closest to, or threatening your starbases, first. Remember, if a starbase is surrounded, you have only 100 centons (one minute) to clear a sector adjacent to the starbase to save it.

Keep an eye on the Control Panel indicators and the Galactic Chart so that you are aware of the status of the mission at all times. There are 3 starbases and 27 enemy starships at the NOVICE level.

The mission ends when: (1) You destroy all enemy targets, or (2) you run out of energy, or (3) your starship is destroyed.

NOTE: No damage can be inflicted on your starship in a NOVICE mission.


PILOT Mission

There are 4 starbases and 36 enemy starships at the PILOT skill level. You must steer your ship during hyperwarp, which you will find adds a more difficult perspective to your flight. Your starship will be susceptible to enemy attacks, and you will find the mission more difficult in general.

NOTE: Steering during hyperwarp is necessary for PILOT, WARRIOR, and COMMANDER missions. Also, your starship may receive damage during these mission skill levels.


You will find this skill level even more difficult to survive. There are 5 starbases and 45 enemy ships to contend with during the WARRIOR mission. You must move quickly since enemy attacks will be frequent and generally more devastating.


This skill level is reserved for the most experienced STAR RAIDERS. There are 6 starbases and 54 enemy starships at the COMMANDER level. Just getting through the mission in one piece will be an accomplishment. There will be no time for hesitation and you will be under constant attack. Make sure you're capable of handling the most hazardous circumstances before you take on the COMMANDER mission.

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