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  1. Extensive List of Cat and Dog Medical links
  2. Cat Medicine
  3. Cat-Frequently asked questions
  4. Caring for Cats
  5. 2000 Names for your Cat
  6. Net Vet Cats site-comprehensive links to cat related pages
  7. Cat Breed Descriptions
  8. Catster Magazine
  9. Cat Fanciers - General Information
  10. Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Great Britain)
  11. Austria's Cat Fanciers Organization
  12. American Cat Fanciers Association
  13. The International Cat Association
  14. Traditional Cat Association
  15. American Association of Cat Enthusiasts
  16. Cat Fanciers of Brazil
  17. Italian Federation of Feline Associations
  18. Cat Federation of Southern Africa
  19. International Renal Interest Society
  20. Feline Chronic Renal Failure-A wonderful overview .
  21. Bengal Cats