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  1. Advanced Medline Search
  2. All the Virology on the WWW
  3. Animal CPR
  4. Animal Diseases Cornell (Search by Signs)
  5. Animal Diseases - Queensland
  6. Animal Image Collection
  7. AVMA Care for Pets
  8. Bad Bug Book-(U.S. FDA)
  9. Bayer-Advanced flea control site
  10. Bayer Bravecto Site
  11. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
  12. Consultant
  13. Dental Care for pets
  14. Epidemiology for Veterinarians
  15. Extension Toxicology Network (UC Davis)
  16. Feeding your dog and cat raw diets (CVMA)
  17. Lyme Disease Network
  18. Malaria Database (WHO)
  19. Nexgard- Merial site
  20. Oncology (University of Pennsylvania)
  21. Parasites of Public Health Concern -- Identification and Diagnosis
  22. Parasitology Research (Kansas State)
  23. Pet Poison guide
  24. Poisonous plants guide (Cornell)
  25. Net Vet A great starting point for animal related information
  26. Online Journal of Veterinary Research
  27. Ophthalmology
  28. Simparica- Zoeitis Site
  29. Threatened Species red list
  30. Tick Borne Diseases
  31. Trifexis Elanco Site
  32. Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine Page
  33. The Virtual Veterinary Center