Tetrinet themes

I've wasted some time making some pretty cool Tetrinet themes. Dig in and enjoy. Theme's made by me unless otherwise noted. (many theme's from fellow #playstation Underneter's are here). Use winzip and uncompress the theme to your Tetrinet directory. If you're using pkunzip, make sure to use the -d option, and correct the long file names.

Theme:                         Description:

Army of Darkness                  personally I like the 2nd TNP setup best...both are include in the zip

Broken Helix                          based on the playstation game starring Bruce Campbell, this theme rocks.

Super Puzzle Fighter II            almost as good as the real thing!

The Terminator                       Terminator....need I say more?

Sailor Moon                           still in beta form, this could be the best theme ever made

Legacy of Kain                       paqqed by Gage inc. distributed by Raiden ltd, this theme rules.

Romy & Michelle                   dubbed by Gleemonex as the theme that could end the world...

Akira                                      final paq coming soon from ^Kaneda^

Daytona USA                         Xevious unleashes the power of Daytona

Atari Teenage Riot                  not quite complete, another project of Xevious

Shadow Warrior                    Valium unleashes WangTris v1.0, paqqed full of shuriken action.

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