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New this update: Added some figs to my figure collection. Thats about, i haven't updated the main page in like 2 years, but once i get a free couple hours to waste, i'll make some decent HTML i suppose. As always, check out the production on Gaming MAXX.(although with skoo i haven't been able to write much of late)
E3 99 Baby!

Misc Game / E3 related



videogamespot Simply put, The best online gaming mag there is.
dan & scott show  The Dan and Scott show...used to be funniest comedy show on the they suck. the archives are good though. (uses Real Audio)
  Some MK stuff
  Jeff's house of raw pork
Sailor Moon...yes!  Sailor Moon
Shampoo!  Shampoo!
Video Games codes, etc...  Video game tricks and codes...pretty good stuff here.


Well, that's it for now. Tune in again later for all new stuff. (updated 03/29/01)

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