Elite Force Delta Cep


Elite Force Delta Cep is a special operations division within the Rangers of the Phoenix Federation. All of its officers are highly trained military personnel, each with different specializations. Elite Force Delta Cep is sent on a variety of missions best served by a squad-sized force. This may be because only a small force has a chance of success, because a lighter touch is required, or because that mission is "black" in one way or another.

Each member of the force is issued a Pulsar-Class Warp Fighter, a one-man long-range fighter with superior stealth, respectable slower than light acceleration, good fighter beam weapons, and the capability of carrying mininuke missiles.

This is an occasional Fudge Space Opera game run by Omar with his Nashville-based gaming group, and potentially in other one-shot situations. The design of the campaign is such that each mission will be a separate adventure, and different officers may go on each mission. This will allow gaming with whoever is present, not requiring that all or a specific subset of characters be present to have a "complete" group of players. Players may switch characters as necessary. If one mission does span more than one gaming session, we can start another while waiting for the same combination of people to be available.

The campaign is set in the Phoenix Sector of GURPS Space Atlas 4, written by David Pulver. This campaign was formerly run under GURPS/3e rules, and some of the material on this website still reflects that. GURPS is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games. The material on these pages is not official or endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.