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Fudge Space Opera is rules for running, unsurprisingly, a spacegoing science fiction game under Fudge. Included are chapters on character creation; comabt (personal and vehicular), including how to deal with fragile humans in combat with high energy weaopns; sensors and detection; starship creation and combat; and gadgets. One thing you won't find much of is how to create a space opera background or campaign. For that, I heartily recommend GURPS Space from Steve Jackson Games. What you will find here are the rules which I felt needed customization to get this sort of game to work well with Fudge.

Fudge Space Opera is available for download as a PDF file. Click here to download version 0.3.0 of Fudge Space Opera, the latest version.


Version 0.3.0, 2006-August-11
Probably a lot of things I forgot about, but also:
  • Now released under the OGL, consistent with the Fudge SRD.

  • A start is made on the "Sample Starships" chapter.

  • Some tuneups to starship attributes.

Version 0.1.5, 2004-April-28
  • Small changes to the skill list.

  • Changes, additions to the equipment list in the Gadgets chapter.

Version 0.1.4, 2002-August-17
  • Changes to the sensor chapter; the description of types of sensors makes more sense now.

  • Additions to the Gadgets chapter: battery packs, weapons, computers; sensor rules moved to the sensor chapter where they belong.

  • Minor edits.