Elite Force Delta Cep


The Chelsea System

Chelsea's star is Brittania a G9V star; it's a little cooler and a little redder than Erath's sun. Nine planet's orbit Brittania, listed below. Distances are in AU, densities are in grams/cc and gravities are in G.

NameDistanceTypeDiameter DensityGravityAtmosphereNotes
Bristol 0.4 Hot Rockball 2,200 3.9 .2 None -
Kensington 0.8 Greenhouse 6,800 4.9 .76 Superdense CO2 No recorded landings
Chelsea 1.2 Earthlike 8,900 4.8 .98 Oxygen-Nitrogen See below
- 2 (empty orbit) - - - - -
Nottingham 3.6 Hostile Terr. 7,600 4.4 0.76 High Oxygen See below
Wembly 6.8 Gas Giant 71,000 1.8 2.9 Hydrogen-Methane Many Moons
Manchester 13.2 Gas Giant 20,000 2.3 1.05 Hydrogen Spectacular ring
Salisbury 26 Rockball 3,000 3.5 0.24 None -
Orkney 51.6 Rockball 4,300 3.8 0.37 Trace Ammonia See below
Wight 102.8 Iceball 2.900 2.7 0.17 Trace Methane No recorded landings


Chelsea is the main world of the system. A cool earthlike world, it has a fairly wet climate. The primary terrain found in the temperate regions are hills and swamp. The population of 5.6 billion people. As a major Federation world, technology and the standard of living tends to be high. Chelsea is particularly known for its electronics, robotic, and biotechnology industries, and is the headquarters of Biotech Orion, the largest biotech corporation in the Federation. It is also the home of the Institute for Mental Evolution, a research institution dedicated to the study of human psionic powers.

A major (class V) starport is in the city of Locke. A naval base (Plymoth) orbits.


There is a scientific base on this planet. Although this world is well enough outside Brittania's biozone that it would be prohibitively cold even if terraformed, the base is investigating a "partial" terraforming that would make the world a prime location for a hypthetical new species of parahumans. Research continues at this remote station despite huge political pressure and popular protests back on Chelsea against this sort of human genetic engineering.


This remote rockball is the location of a domed artist's colony, founded many (at least 100) years ago by a wealthy and very eccentric patron of the arts. The techology of the dome is solid and reliable, but is out of date as compared to the major worlds of the Federation. There is no real government in the colony; it is small enough that unofficial "public consensus" is enough to keep things running. There is some social tension between the "real artists" who want to get away from it all, and the "spoiled rich kids" who want to play at being artists. Of course, it is the latter who provide the necessary funds to keep the colony going, for the cost of living in the dome is relatively high. Although it does grow some of its own food, it imports a fair amount as well. Some more socially conservative citizens back on Chelsea believe that the colony on Orkney is a combination of irresponsible citizens trying to get out of their Planetary Guard duty, and a front for organized crime.