Elite Force Delta Cep


The Monolith System

Monolith's is in a trinary star system. The primary is Vramin, a K2 star (an orange star colder than Earth' sun). The secondary and tertiary stars in the system are Isis and Horus, M7 and M0 stars respectively (both red dwarfs, relatively cool red stars). Monolith orbits the primary, in addition to two other planets (see table below).

NameDistanceTypeDiameter DensityGravityAtmosphereNotes
Tarquin 0.2 Hot Rockball 5,150 4.0 0.47 None No recorded landings
Monolith 0.55 Earthlike 7.437 4.8 .81 Oxygen-Nitrogen See below
Wembly 0.9 Gas Giant 75,000 1.9 3.2 Hydrogen Four Moons


Monolith has two moons: Imhotep and Tuthankamen. The Federation Survey Service maintains a base on the larger moon. They viligantly protect the TL3 culture on Monolith, allowing only legal research expeditions to land, and requiring that anybody who go disguise themselves as natives. It is a popular destination for anthropologists, archaeologists, and the occasional Precursor researcher.

A medieval (TL3) civilization exists on Monolith. It existed there when Federation survey scouts first arrived in the system; it is believed to have grown from the remnants of an earlier, failed colony. It is well known for its "singing stones," gigantic obolisks that are scattered about the planet. Winds can cause eerie melodies to emerge from these stones, probably due to the action of passages and tunnels near their summits. They are evidently of Precuror in origin.

30 years ago, during the Ilshani invasion (the same one which rendered Ellen's planet Videga the radioactive wasteland that it is today), Monolith was the site of the massive "Battle of Three Suns," where Phoenix Federation and Phoenix Domain fleets combined to drive off the invading aliens. Many husks of destroyed and derelict starships still wander through the system. Most of them have long ago been scavanged for useful components.