A. Miscellaneous Charts and Information

Fudge Combat Tables

Sample Wound Factors

Add all applicable Offensive Factors to determine the Offensive Damage Factor; add all applicable Defensive Factors to determine the Defensive Damage Factor.

Offensive factors:

For Character's Strength (muscle-powered weapons only): Trait modifier (+3 for Superb, -1 for Mediocre, etc.)

For Attacker's Scale: Plus the attacker's Strength Scale (see Section 4.58, Non-human Scale in Combat).

For Weapon's Strength
(Guns, Crossbows, Beam weapons, etc.): +/- Strength of weapon (see Section 4.4, Ranged Combat).

For Muscle-Powered Weapon:
-1 for no weapon, not using a Martial Art skill.
+0 Martial Art skill, or for small weapons
+1 for medium-weight one-handed weapons
+2 for large one-handed weapons
+3 for most two-handed weapons
+1 for sharpness

Defensive factors:

For Character's Damage Capacity Attribute: Trait modifier (+2 for Great, -2 for Poor, etc.)

Note: Optional-- see Section 4.52, Damage Capacity.

For Armor:
+1 for light, pliable non-metal armor.
+2 for heavy, rigid non-metal armor
+2 for light metal armor.
+3 for medium metal armor.
+4 for heavy metal armor.
+5 or more for science fiction advanced armor.
+ GM-set modifiers for magical armor

Note: the value of a shield may be subtracted from the opponent's skill-- see Section 4.31, Melee Modifiers.

For Defender's Mass Scale: Plus the defender's Mass Scale

(see Section 4.58, Non-human Scale in Combat).

(If the defender has Mass other than Fair, or a gift of Tough Hide, it should also be figured in.)

Offensive/Defensive Tactic Modifiers

+2 to Offense, -2 to Defense

+1 to Offense, -1 to Defense

Normal Offense and Defense

-1 to Offense, +1 to Defense

-2 to Offense, +2 to Defense

3d6 Dice Technique

Rolled: 3-4 5 6-7 8-9 10-11
Result: -4 -3 -2 -1 +0
Rolled: 12-13 14-15 16 17-18
Result: +1 +2 +3 +4

d% Dice Technique

Rolled: 1 2-6 7-18 19-38 39-62
Result: -4 -3 -2 -1 +0
Rolled: 63-82 83-94 95-99 00
Result: +1 +2 +3 +4

Optional Damage Rolls

See Section 4.61, Damage Die Roll, p. [*].

See also Section 4.63, Min-Mid-Max Die Roll, p. [*], for an alternative wound determination method.

Sample Graze Severity Table

Factor Result
$<$0 Undamaged
0-4 Scratch
5+ Hurt

Sample Scale Table

Scale Mass Mass Example
  (US) (Metric)  
-6 13 lb 6 kg Large house cat
-5 20 lb 9 kg Fox
-4 30 lb 13 kg Badger
-3 45 lb 20 kg Coyote
-2 68 lb 30 kg Medium Dog
-1 100 lb 45 kg Cheetah
0 150 lb 68 kg Human
+1 225 lb 100 kg Leopard
+2 333 lb 150 kg Black Bear
+3 500 lb 225 kg Utahraptor
+4 750 lb 333 kg Grizzly Bear
+5 1125 lb 500 kg Alligator
+6 1687 lb 750 kg Bison
+7 1.25 tn 1.1 t Great White Shark
+8 2 tn 1.7 t Killer Whale
+9 3 tn 2.6 t Allosaurus

Sample Skills

Here are some sample skills to consider for your own Fudge games.

Animal Skills: Animal Care, Animal Lore, Animal Training, Bee-keeping, Herding, Riding, Teamster, Veterinarian, etc.

Artistic skills: Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts (music, theater, storytelling, jester, dance, etc., and such skills as Choreography, Composition, Costuming, etc.), Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.), and so on.

Athletic skills: Acrobatics, Aerial Acrobatics, Balance Skills, Boating, Climbing, Jumping, Pole-vaulting, Running, Swimming, Throwing, Various Sports, Zero-G Maneuvering, etc.

Combat skills: Ambush, Demolitions, Dodge, Punmanship, Quick-Draw, Shield, Tactics, Throwing, numerous Weapon and Unarmed Combat skills.

Covert skills: Acting, Breaking & Entering, Detect Traps, Deactivate Traps, Disguise, Forgery, Infiltrate, Intrigue, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Poisoning, Shadowing, Shady Contacts, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, etc.

Craft skills: Armory, Basket Making, Bowyer/Fletcher, Carpenter, Cooking, Knots, Leatherworking, Masonry, Pottery, Smith, Tailor, Weaving-- many others.

Dungeon-delving skills: Avoid Traps, Fight, Find Secret Passages, Pick Locks, Move Quietly, Run, Tell Believable Whoppers.

Knowledge skills (a skill can represent knowledge of a subject as broad or narrow as the GM will allow): Alchemy, Alien Customs, Arcane Lore, Criminology, Cultures, Detective Fiction, Folklore, Geography, History, Literature, Occultism, Political Situations, Psychology, TV SitCom Episodes, Sciences (lots of these), etc.

Language skills: Each individual language, Pantomime, Pick Up Languages, etc.

Manipulative skills: Bamboozle, Bluff, Boot-licking, Bribery, Con, Exhort, Fast-talk, Flattery, Interrogate, Intimidate, Lying, Oratory, Persuade, Seduction, Street Gossip, etc.

Medical skills: Anatomy, Antidotes, Diagnosis, Doctoring, First Aid, Herb Preparation, Medicine, Nursing, Surgery, etc.

Merchant skills: Bargain, Barter, Business Sense, Evaluate Goods, Haggle, Innkeeping, Marketing, Salesmanship, Shopkeeping, etc.

Outdoor skills: Camouflage, Camping, Fishing, Forage, Herb Lore, Hide Traces, Hunting, Mimic Animal Noises, Nature Lore, Navigation, Survival, Tracking, Wildcraft, Woodcraft, etc.

Professional skills: Accounting, Begging, Bureaucracy, Farming, Gambling, Law, Photography, Seamanship-- many others.

Social skills (Fellowship): Bar Etiquette, Camaraderie, Carouse, Choosing just the right gift, Control Libido, Flirting, Game Playing, Hold your liquor, Make Amusing Faces or Noises, Matrix Etiquette, Tall Tales, Uplift Spirits, Witty Insults, etc.

Social skills (Formal): Courtly Ways, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Interviewing, Parley, Repartee, Rituals, Savoir-Faire, Servant, etc.

Spiritual skills: Communing with nature, Fasting, Giving comfort, Listening deeply, Meditation, Patience, Theology, etc.

Supernormal Power skills: Fortune Telling, Levitate, Spell Casting, Use Mind Control, Use Superpower, Use Telekinesis, etc.

Technical skills: Computer Build/Repair, Computer Programming, Computer Use, Driving, Electronics, Engineer, Mechanic, Piloting, Repair Scoutship Systems, Research, Shiphandling, etc.

Urban skills: Barroom Savvy, Street Etiquette, Streetwise, Urban Survival, etc.

Cost of Skills in Objective Character Creation

  Easy Most Hard Hard
Terrible -2 -1 0 1
Poor -1 0 1 2
Mediocre 0 1 2 3
Fair 1 2 3 4
Good 2 3 4 5
Great 3 4 5 6
Superb 4 5 6 7

Easy = Cost of GM-Determined Easy Skills
Most = Cost of Average Skill
Hard = Cost of GM-Determined Hard Skills
VH = Cost of GM-Determined Very Hard Skills
  (usually related to Supernormal Powers)