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A Perl/GTK GURPS/4e character creation utility, written primarily for Unix/Linux, although the bold could probably get it working on the Mac, and maybe even on Windows (but don't push it).

GURPS Planescape
Conversion of TSR setting of multiverse and philosophy to GURPS.

Omar's Planescape Campaign
A GURPS Planescape campaign run in the past with my face-to-face gaming group.

Ubiquitous Obliquity
The 'zine I wrote for All of the Above, the GURPS APA, back when it was still alive. Many back issues are online here.

Elite Force Delta Cep
A TL12 GURPS Space game run occasionally with my face-to-face gaming group, set in David Pulver's Phoenix Sector from GURPS Space Atlas 4. (This game has made the transition to Fudge now, however.)

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