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Fudge System Reference Docuemnt

Grey Ghost Games has released Fudge and Fantasy Fudge (which together are the contents of the 2000 Fudge Expanded Edition) under the Open Gaming License. These still form the core of the Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition.

I have converted the System Reference Docuemnt (SRD) into LaTeX. From this, I have produced a PDF version, and a cross-referenced HTML version of the SRD. You can get the Fudge SRD in RTF format on the page for Fudge Publishers.

Some things in the HTML are a little bit batty due to the fact it was coverted from LaTeX, but it remains (except for one table, which is mangled) perfectly readable.

A prettier version of the 1995 Fudge rules (released under Steffan O'Sullivan's traditional license, and without Fantasy Fudge) can be found on Grey Ghost's Fudge Page.