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Ubiquitous Obliquity

Ubiquitous Obliquity is the name of the zine I write for All of the Above, the GURPS APA. The APA died after issue #42. It had been struggling for some time before that, coming out only once or twice a year. #42 had its deadline pushed back at least once, and it was at least a year between the deadline and when the issues were finally mailed to the contributors.

For a while, it looked like APA would be coming back in a virtual format– as a PDF file that will be distributed to members. Indeed, the first issue (#43) came out in that format; my contribution is Ubiquitous Obliquity #8, below. However, I haven't heard anything in a few years about it, so I believe it's dead (or "on haitus") again.

Below are most of the issues (in PDF format) of Ubiquitous Obliquity which have appeared in AotA.

The title of my zine is a reference to a Tom Stoppard play....

#1: November 1, 1997 (AotA 33). (79K PDF file)
  • Forewarned
  • Tsiolkovsky High, a beanstalk-connected space station in geosynchronous Earth orbit for a TL10 setting
  • Feedback

#2: May 15/August 12, 1998 (AotA 34). (190K PDF file)
  • Forewarned
  • The Phoenix Federation Navy (TL12 space opera starships)
    • Standard Weapons
    • Meteor class long range STL fighter
    • Sherpa class shuttle
    • Orion class corvette
  • The Copseye Security Robot
  • The Race of Ulicts
  • Feedback

#3: October 23, 1998 (AotA 35). (166K PDF file)
  • Forewarned
  • Dennis B. Schnolzworth (character for Warehouse 23)
  • GURPS AD&D Dragons
    • Red Dragons
    • Bronze Dragons
    • Green Dragons
  • Feedback

#4: March 15, 1999 (AotA 36). (389K PDF file)
  • Forewarned
  • The Persian Wars: 500-479 B.C.
  • Feedback

#5: October 15, 1999 (AotA 38). (Not currently available.)
  • Forewarned
  • Sleepers Awake, an adventure for GURPS Space
  • The Peregrin (A TL9 STL Colony Ship)
  • Feedback from #36
  • Feedback from #37

#6: February 15, 2000 (AotA 39). (167K PDF file)
(This includes most of what was submitted for AotA 37; it was dropped out of that earlier issue due to some accident or another. That issue would have included only Ty Stonewall, Ieric, and the feedback from #36.)
  • Forewarned
  • TL12 Hoverbike
  • Past Lives, Present Tense (Book review/GURPS Who's Who campaign seed)
  • Mars Planetary Record Sheet (missing in PDF file; click here to get a gzipped Postscript file)
  • Stars Within 5pc of the Sun (Map and Table)
  • Ty Stonewall (illuminated cab driver)
  • Ieric (TL3 sage from the Silent Runelands)
  • Feedback

#7: September 21, 2000 (AotA 42). (164K PDF file)
(Originally intended for AotA 41, but was dropped due to an error on the part of the central mailer. Eventually published verbatim in AotA 42.)
  • Forewarned
  • Gerheleths
    • Faratsu
    • Kelubar
    • Shaator
  • Baatezu
    • Lemure
    • Nupperibo
    • Abishai
    • Barbazu
    • Erinyes
  • Feedback #39
  • Feedback #40

#8: November 15, 2002 (Aota 43). (89K PDF file)
  • Forewarned
  • A New Way to Handle Huge Damage in GURPS