In Nomine

The Java In Nomine Disturbance Calculator


Your web browser must support Java 1.1 or later. If you don't have a Java plug-in installed, you can probably get one from Sun.


  1. Fill in the magnitude of the Disturbance, the Celestial Forces and Perception of the potential listening Celestial, and the distance between the Disturbance and the Celestial (in yards) below.

  2. Select which sets of rules you wish to use. Available are the standard In Nomine rules from the core book, and the two methods from my Fudge In Nomine conversion.

  3. Click "Calculate Disturbance"

  4. Below the graph is an indication of the d666 target number (for standard In Nomine rules) or the difficulty of the Fudge feat of Perception necessary (for my conversion). This is at the distance you indicated.

  5. As an added visual aid, the difficulty of detecting a disturbances at all distances is plotted. The horizontal axis is the distance to the disturbance. The vertical axis is the difficulty (In Nomine d666 roll necessary, with Fudge difficulties mapped from Terrible=13 down to Superb=1). The red line is the difficulty using standard In Nomine rules. The green line is the difficulty using the Fudge In Nomine Easy Math version, and the blue line is the difficulty using the Fudge In Nomine "I Can Square Numbers" version.

About This Thing

This java applet is written by Omar, aka Robert Knop, who may be E-mailed at I originally wrote it as a tool to help myself visualize how the results of the disturbance methods I came up with for my Fudge In Nomine conversion compared to the results of disturbance under standard In Nomine. (And, originally, it was written in Perl using PGPLOT.) After somebody else mentioned he'd be interested in seeing it, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to write my first Java applet on the web.

In Nomine is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games. It is also a rather cool roleplaying game about Angels and Demons fighting for the hearts of humanity.

Proofreaders Wanted!

If anybody finds the calculator providing incorrect results, please E-mail me with a complete description of the inputs you gave it, together with the results it gave you and the results you think it should have given you.