In Nomine

Omar's In Nomine Universe


Overview of my take on the In Nomine Universe

My own personal take on In Nomine is that it is of mid-luminosity— more bright than dark, but not fully bright— with moderately high contrast. The angels, while sometimes rather callous and nasty from a human point of view, are by and large the Good Guys, and the demons are usually the Bad Guys. Celestials are just on the uncommon side of rare (i.e. large cities may have several dozen celestials), and Tethers are on the rare side of uncommon (i.e. a handful per large city). Any campaign I run is "low intervention," meaning that servitors of the Archangels and the Demon Princes are supposed to keep the War a secret, avoid open displays of supernatural powers in front of those who wouldn't expect it, and avoid making too much noise. Likewise, my games are of low to moderate "politicking," meaning that inter-Superior politics are very important on the Superior level, but don't necessarily have to hamstring corporeal Servitors of opposed Superiors.


Corporeal Cities & Locations