Rob Knop's Gratuitous Hobbies

...and what do I really mean by hobbies, anyway? I have observed, with some chagrin, that in today's society we all define ourselves by our jobs. When meeting somebody knew, you always ask, "what do you do?" People then will ask me, "what does your wife do?" It can be very frustrating if you don't personally define yourself by your job— which is certainly the case with my wife. But, even more than that, it disturbs me that our society thinks this way, as it indicates that's what's most important about us is the way in which we serves as cogs in the global economic machine.

So, what this page is about is what do I find interesting and important? While, yes, it is my job that I get paid for, I have the good fortune of being able to do a job that is something I care about and that I really want to be doing anyway. So, the following are things that I enjoy spending time on: