Map showing Coast Camp and Mt. Wittenburg

Map clipped from the National Park Service pdf brochure for Point Reyes.

See also the overview map for directions on how to drive to Point Reyes.

Point Reyes Backpack

Trip occurred on 2000-12-15

Last updated on 2000-12-23

Report by: Dean Shough

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Start hiking at night We met at 6:00 PM Friday night in the church parking lot. After the usual doling out of communal gear, we headed to Jack-in-the-Box for dinner and hit the road. Traffic was slow up to Oakland with clear sailing afterword. The hike started at 10:15 PM from the Clem Miller Environmental education Center. One hour later w arrived at Coast Camp, set up tents, and enjoyed the Racoons trying to steal our food. It turns out that w did not need our bear canisters since the park service provides nice Racoon proof boxes at th campsite.
Sunrise Playing with the surf There was plenty of time the next morning to enjoy playing in the surf. Let's see, "when winter camping make sure to stay dry and warm"? We were expecting the wether to be similar to what it had been all week - raining. Instead, the weather was perfect - cool for hiking with great visibility due to the recent rains.
Resting at the top of Mt. ittenburg Group photo on Mt. Wittenburg

The first order of business upon reaching the top of Mt. Wittenberg was to enjoy some well deserved relaxation. One problem with relaxing too much is that when the chores are divided up, you should not be asleep. Just ask David, seen at the bottom of the picture.

View of Farallon Islands The air was increadibly clear, as shown in this picture of the Farallon Islands (around 25 miles away).
We come to bury Kyle...

We come to bury Kyle...

After the hike the boys still had energy and time, so it was back to the beach. Kyle did not have a problem with being buried until the sand started getting in his face. After breaking out, it was time for wrestling on the beach. Unfortunately, this was when James broke his collor bone. All it took was for him to miss on a tackle and a bad landing on the sand. A down vest over his arm provided an excellent splint when he hiked out Saturday night.

The rest of us stayed until Sunday, played some more on the beach, packed up, back to the beach for Scout Zone, and hiked back to th cars..

Last Updated on 2000-12-23
By Dean Shough