Inflating the rafts

South Fork of the American River

Trip occurred on 2000-08-25

Last updated on 2000-10-27

Report by: Dean Shough

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Some scouts forgot their uniforms Scouts are supposed to show up for trips ready to travel with their class A uniforms. When they forget, the leaders look through the bins in the scout shack for suitable uniforms. The new scout on the left gets to be an eagle scout for the drive, while the scout on the right will have trouble breathing.
Camping out the night before We drove up and camped at ??? campgrounds the night before rafting. Some opted for tents while others huddled together on tarps. Are teenagers usually this cheerful in the morning?
A raft is almost inflated After breakfast, our first duty was to inflate the three rafts. Friends of the River (insert contact information here) was kind enough to host the trip and to provide three guides and rafts.
Swimming a rapid One of the early rapids is called swimmers rapid - not because the rafts might flip, but because it is considered a safe and fun rapid to jump out of the boat and to swim through. Shortly afterwards we got to the class III rapids, at which point I put my camera away in a safe dry place until our lunch stop and for the take out. A description of the river is available at California Creekin' - South Fork American, an external site that has information on white water trips along rivers in California. We put in the river at ??? and took out at ???.
Leaping from raft to raft During our lunch stop, various scouts decided to instigate a water fight. This scout is leaping from raft to raft in a successful attempt to dunk another scout.

I need a description of the talk FOR presented and the url for their site.

Carrying the raft up to the parking lot At the take out, we carried the rafts from the river up to the parking lot.
The Fisherman One of the adult adventure leaders decided that he would rather go fishing rather than rafting. This is the result.
Deflating the Raft When the rafts arrive at the parking lot, we stood them on their side to let them dry. The fun part is laying on the rafts to remove the air prior to rolling them up and loading them into the trucks. All shoes should be off the raft to keep the sand and muck from damaging them.

Last Updated on 2000-10-27
By Dean Shough