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Uses of BaseLoader in org.razvan.jzx

Subclasses of BaseLoader in org.razvan.jzx
 class Z80Loader
          Z80 Snapshot loader.

Methods in org.razvan.jzx with parameters of type BaseLoader
 void Z80.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load the CPU contents from the loader object.
 void BaseSpectrum.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load the Spectrum contents from the given loader, by calling the load() method of all contained components.
 void BaseScreen.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load the screen contents from the given BaseLoader object.
 void BaseMemory.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load the memory contents from the given BaseLoader object.
 void BaseKeyboard.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Does nothing.
 void BaseIO.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Extracts the saved border color and outputs it to the appropriate I/O port.
abstract  void BaseComponent.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load previously saved state into the component.

Uses of BaseLoader in org.razvan.jzx.v128

Methods in org.razvan.jzx.v128 with parameters of type BaseLoader
 void IO.load(BaseLoader loader)
          Load the saved values of 0x7ffd and 0xfffd oirt values.
 void AY8912.load(BaseLoader loader)