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Packages that use BaseMemory

Uses of BaseMemory in org.razvan.jzx

Fields in org.razvan.jzx declared as BaseMemory
protected  BaseMemory BaseSpectrum.m_memory
          Contained reference to the memory object.
protected  BaseMemory BaseIO.m_memory
          Cached reference to the memory component.

Methods in org.razvan.jzx that return BaseMemory
 BaseMemory BaseSpectrum.getMemory()
          Trivial accessor for this Spectrum's memory.
 BaseMemory BaseLoader.getMemory()
          Trivial accessor for the (headless) memory object.

Uses of BaseMemory in org.razvan.jzx.v128

Subclasses of BaseMemory in org.razvan.jzx.v128
 class Memory
          The 128k model specialization of the BaseMemory class.