B.B. King talks about Robert Nighthawk

B.B. King in Tokyo

Mr. King on tour in Tokyo
following the release of his new album "Deuces Wild" on MCA

Photograph by Colin Talcroft. © Copyright 1998 by Colin Talcroft

Excerpt from a March 1998 interview with B.B. King


Allan Murphy: One of your big hits was Sweet Little Angel.*

BBK: Yes, we do that sometimes.

AM: In an interview, you once said that Robert Nighthawk was one of your favorite guitar players.

B.B. King: Yeah, other than Bonnie Raitt, he's my favorite slide guitarist. Robert Nighthawk, then it was Earl Hooker, and now Bonnie Raitt--my favorite slide guitarist. Nobody in the world... (claps his hands together) She plays so beautifully. I just sit and look.

Colin Talcroft: Did you ever play with Robert Nighthawk?

BBK: No, I never played with him.

AM: Did you ever see him?

BBK: I saw him. Yes, I did get a chance to see him. Never saw him play live, but I did meet him. I met him once in Florida, before he died. I had several idols that I never met, but Robert Nighthawk was one [I did meet], and Lonnie Johnson, I had a chance to meet him, in Canada of all places, in Toronto. And, hey, you're talking about heaven!

*Sweet Little Angel was a reworking of Robert Nighthawk's 1949 hit Sweet Black Angel, itself a version of Black Angel Blues, which was first recorded by Lucille Bogan in 1930 and then by Tampa Red in 1935. Nighthawk was captured performing the song on Maxwell Street in 1964 in conjunction with the filming of And This is Free.


Interviewed by Allan Murphy and Colin Talcroft.
Special thanks to Universal Victor, Inc. and Jun Hirao
of "Where's Eric! Japan," the Eric Clapton fan magazine in Tokyo.

© Copyright 1998 by Allan Murphy and Colin Talcroft.
Reproduction in any form whatsoever without written permission is prohibited.


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