B.B. King supports Maxwell Street

B.B. King with his Maxwell St. button

Mr. King shows off his "Save Maxwell Street" button
in Tokyo where he did a string of shows at Blue Note Tokyo
following the release of "Deuces Wild"
his new album on MCA.

Photograph by Colin Talcroft. © Copyright 1998 by Colin Talcroft. All rights reserved.

This page is brought to you by the And This Is Maxwell Street project
A project to release live blues recordings made on Maxwell Street
for Mike Shea's 1964 documentary film "And This is Free"


Excerpt from a March 1998 interview with B.B. King


Colin Talcroft: We've been interested in Robert Nighthawk partly because we're also involved in a thing on Maxwell Street in Chicago. Did you ever play on Maxwell Street?

B.B. King: Never played on Maxwell Street. In fact, I never spent any time in Chicago, like a lot of other people did. Every time I went to Chicago, it was like coming to Tokyo; I came to work and make some days and leave. But speaking of Robert Nighthawk, to me, he did a lot on record--because a lot of people don't know that Ike Turner [played] with [him].

Allan Murphy: Oh, sure!

BBK: But, he [Ike Turner] was very young. He was only 14 or 15 years old at the time, but he played like he was 70! [Laughter] I love his piano playing.

AM: In fact, you've just done a gig in England with Ike. Ike was second on the bill. He's come back and he sounds [as if] he's real hot now.

BBK: Well, to me, he never left--they just sent him away.

AM: I know, I know that. [laughter] You never played on Maxwell Street, did you ever ...

BBK: I never visited.

AM: Never visited. Do you know there's a movement to preserve Maxwell Street? Because you know how important it was...

BBK: From what I've heard, I would be one to try and support them.

AM: Well, I have a little present for you [AM gives BBK a "Save Maxwell Street" button; BBK pins it on his lapel].

BBK: Well, thank you.

AM: Because we have a Web site. I know you're interested in computers.

BBK: Yes. Yes, I am.

AM: And we are trying to get the...

CT : We're involved with the Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coalition.

BBK: Well, if I can do something...

AM: Well, you just have, because...

CT: Could we take some pictures of you wearing that button?

AM: Would you mind that?

BBK: Not at all.


Interviewed by Allan Murphy and Colin Talcroft.
Special thanks to Universal Victor, Inc. and Jun Hirao
of "Where's Eric! Japan," the Eric Clapton fan magazine in Tokyo.

© Copyright 1998 by Allan Murphy and Colin Talcroft.
All rights reserved.
Reproduction in any form whatsoever without written permission is prohibited.


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