Ayyubid Architecture

by Terry Allen

published by Solipsist Press, Occidental, California, 1999

Copyright © 1996 - 99 by Terry Allen

Sixth Edition

An electronic publication     ISBN 0-944940-02-1


Chapter One, Damascus before Nûr al-Dîn

Architects and Regional Styles
Damascus and its Region
Doorways in the Great Mosque of Damascus
Qubbah al-Tawâwîs
Gate to Palmyra Citadel
Busrâ, Madrasah of Gumushtakîn
Turbah al-Najmîyah
The Damascene Manner

Chapter Two, The Ornamented Style in Aleppo and Damascus

The Ornamented Style
Great Mosque of Aleppo
Madrasah al-Halâwîyah
Madrasah al-Shu`aybîyah
Madrasah al-Muqaddamîyah
Bîmâristân of Nûr al-Dîn, Aleppo
The Business of Architecture
Dâr al-Hadîth of Nûr al-Dîn
Nûr al-Dîn's City Gates in Damascus
Bîmâristân of Nûr al-Dîn, Damascus
Madrasah of Nûr al-Dîn
Madrasah al-`Âdilîyah
Nûr al-Dîn's Architects

Chapter Three, Damascus After Nûr al-Dîn

Turbah Sitt al-Shâm al-Sughrâ
Turbah al-Khâtûnîyah
Madrasah al-Farrûkhshâhîyah
Madrasah al-Shâmîyah
Madrasah al-`Azîzîyah

Chapter Four, The Plain Style and Aleppo

Shâdhbakht and His Madrasah
Lower Maqâm Ibrâhîm
Mashhad al-Muhassin
Masjid al-Khwâjah
Qâhir b. `Alî in Ma`arat al-Nu`mân
Madrasah Abu'l-Fawâris, Ma`arat al-Nu`mân
Great Mosque Minaret, Ma`arat al-Nu`mân

Chapter Five, Al-Malik al-Zâhir and the Ornamented Style

The Works of al-Malik al-Zâhir
Mashhad al-Husayn
Aleppo Citadel
Palace of al-Malik al-Zâhir
Portal of the Bîmâristân Arghûn

Chapter Six, Damascus in the Early Thirteenth Century

Turbah Ibn al-Muqaddam
Jâmi` al-Hanâbilah
Madrasah al-Jahârkasîyah
Damascus Citadel
Damascene Conservatism

Chapter Seven, The Construction Industry and the Aesthetics of Military Architecture

Castles Were Significant Architecture
Bossed Masonry
Sources for Bossing
Islamic Borrowings
The Manjanîq and Military Architecture
A Significant Event
Ornamented and Plain Style

Chapter Eight, Aleppo in the Thirteenth Century

Madrasah al-Zâhirîyah
Upper Maqâm Ibrâhîm
Madrasah al-Sultânîyah
The Plain Style under al-Malik al-Zâhir
Madrasah al-Kâmilîyah
Madrasah al-Sharafîyah
Madrasah al-Firdaus
Khânaqâh of Dayfa Khâtûn
The Decline of the Plain Style

Chapter Nine, The Atabakîyah Architect

Turbah al-Farnathîyah
Madrasah al-Ruknîyah extra muros
Madrasah al-`Izzîyah
Madrasah al-Atabakîyah
Jâmi` al-Taubah
Madrasah al-Sâhibah
Turbah Amat al-Latîf
The Atabakîyah Architect as Professional

Chapter Ten, From Ayyûbid to Mamlûk

Bâb al-Salâmah
Bîmâristân al-Qaymarî
Portal of an Unidentified Madrasah
Madrasah al-Qilîjîyah
Turbah al-Qaymarî

Chapter Eleven, Architects and Patrons

Identifiable Architects
The Importance of the Damascus and Busrâ Citadels
The Quarrying and Construction Industries
The Architect and the Patron
Out-of-Place Monuments and Regional Style

Appendix A, Muqarnas Questionnaire

Appendix B, `Alâm al-Dîn Qaysar