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Electronic publications on Islamic art, architecture, and archaeology by Terry Allen.

Ayyubid Architecture, seventh and final edition

Aniconism and Figural Representation in Islamic Art, an excerpt from Five Essays on Islamic Art, a print book published by Solipsist Press (but out of print)

Imagining Paradise in Islamic Art

Islamic Art and the Argument from Academic Geometry

Pisa and the Dome of the Rock, 2nd ed.

Constructs of Symmetry in Islamic Art

An ʿAbbāsid Fishpond Villa Near Makkah

Decorative Motifs in the Citadel of Ḥarrān

The Carved Stone Ornament of the Mosque of al-Ḥākim

A Bookplate of Harriet Caroline Devonshire

The Marble Revetment of the Piers of the Dome of the Rock

A Response to Prof. Necipoğlu

The Grand Stairway of the Dār al-ʿĀmmah in Samarra (revised December 2017; further revised March 2023, adding illustrations and a new section on the Shāriʿ al-Aʿẓam)

Observations on the Bevelled Style

Lozenges in the Bath Pavement at Khirbat al-Mafjar

An Umayyad Textile in Paint at Khirbat al-Mafjar

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