Philip K. Dick

Here is a RealAudio recording of a 1990 BBC "Omnibus" radio program about Philip K. Dick.

This is from a tape that was given to me by Ann Dick, when Joel Margot and I visited her one afternoon at her house (the one described in Confessions of a Crap Artist) in Point Reyes Station, in Marin County.  This is apparently an off-the-air recording of a program that aired on November 4, 1990.  You can listen to Greg Rickman, Ray Nelson, Paul Williams, Tim Powers, Jim Blaylock, and Ann Dick, among others, talk about PKD.  The voice you hear speaking as PKD is NOT Phil's.  Also be aware that the sexual abuse theory stated by Rickman, and taken as fact by the interviewer, is not accepted by many of PKD's friends and biographers.

To get the RealAudio file itself, click HERE

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